About Me

My name is Charissa Weaks and I'm the creator of The Writer's Resource.

Three years ago I picked up the pen (er...laptop) and decided I would give writing another try.

I'd done it before. Nights of staring at the screen. Days of trying to figure out what to write. But back then (1998) I was young and busy. My children were tiny, I was still going to college in an attempt to "find my place in life," and I had my own business to run.

Internet was archaic compared to what it is now, and what was a blog? I didn't even have an email. The time to sit in a library and study the craft of writing did not exist. I was too busy changing diapers, writing essays and managing a business.

What I wouldn't have given for the information found on this site.

I spent the first of the last three years reading, planning, thinking and shedding the rust from my writing tools.

The second year involved me actually putting words on paper and the effort to "hone my craft."

The third year saw a writing blog develop because I wanted to share my journey and all the things I've learned and am still learning with other writers. It was also the year I actually completed rough drafts of two novels.

I'm currently in the process of rewrite/revision and hopefully the next step will be querying. I'm taking my time. :)

The third year is also when I decided to share the websites and blog posts that have helped me on my journey. I couldn't help but think how neat it would be to have them all in one place.

So I did it.

The Writer's Resource was born. My hope is to simply make someone else's journey a little easier.

Again...thanks for visiting!!

Happy Writing