Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Part III: Threads of a Novel - Thematic Significance

Today ends Threads of a Novel. As we've learned, the three threads are Character Emotional Development, Dramatic Action, and Thematic Significance. When plotting your novel or when going back through that first draft, these three things should be visible. If not, you now know what to work on.

So what is Thematic Significance?

**Read this article by Martha Alderson over on Blockbuster Plots and this article by Northern Virginia Community College on considerations of theme.

Thematic Significance is the underlying meaning of a novel. It's the essence of what your character's journey means to the reader. Well developed themes resonate. Theme is how the author communicates his/her perception of the character's deeper understanding of human existence that comes about from their journey.

Remember...there can also be sub-themes!

I thought I'd re-post the links from the Theme Topic for additional help on developing theme:

Happy Writing!! XOXO