Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knowing Your Genre

Genre is important. When you walk into a bookstore, where would you go to find your book? Agents and publishers will ask the same question. My advice? Find a book similar to your own, (Yes...there is one out there). Look at every book on the shelf beside it. THEN READ AS MANY OF THOSE BOOKS AS YOU CAN. This is your market. Know your target audience. Know what they like.

First...Where does your book fit? Is it Literary, Genre, or Mainstream?
Now...The Different Types of Genre & Sub-Genre 
Happy Writing!


  1. And then, after you've read 20 books that the publisher has decided to shelve in "steampunk" because it's selling hot right now, lean back, take another shot of whiskey, and decide that it's all humbug.

  2. Love this post! Can't wait to dive into all these links! Thanks!!