Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Premise & Theme


  1. You've bitten into a lot with this site in just a short time. Leave yourself some growing room so you don't burn out too soon.

    I'm adding your site in my links, but would you like to write a blurb about your work here? You've got a lot here and I'm not sure where to begin to describe it all.

  2. Hi Laura and thanks for visiting. This site is simply as the title states: A resource for writers. Thankfully, bloggers are out there writing helpful posts every single day, and when I come across those posts they will be added here. Some days I may add to a topic that is already in place. I will post to let everyone know what topics have gained additional links. My goal is simply to make the search for information about writing - and all that encompasses - easier. As for a blurb...I'd use this on your site:

    The Writer's Resource is a new site that houses links to the most informative and helpful posts and articles on the web. Searching is made easy because all links are organized by topic. So, if you need help understanding how to write a premise or how to develop your plot, visit to make the search easier.

    Thanks Laura!!